Puppet Lab News!

Well I am happy to say that I have started the dancing demon “Bendy” who will be a dancing marionette! Tattletail has been started and I will also be making the box it comes with! Bon-bon will be started after I finish Tattletail and Bendy! Then I’ll show you how to make easy Puppet Pals in just 10 minutes!

Charizard and Chocobo are all finished with paperwork finally! Now to find a good day to paint them!

I’ve 1 more small Pokémon to make, she won’t be as detailed so she should be easy to finish!

I’m getting close to finishing my projects, then I have 2 small Digimon I want to make. Very excited about that too! Lastly, Kirby is getting a spot in my projects list. He’s only 8″ tall thank goodness.

After the art show, I’ll be backtracking and making tutorials for my first FNAF puppets this fall/winter.

So as of now I’m not accepting any more FNAF requests. And also, I will be slowing down the uploads to twice a month instead of 4 times a month so I can use the energy to craft tutorials which is what my channel is about! I work 10-11 hours a day and uploading weekly is getting too much for me.
Puppet shows will be on hold a little while so I can direct the energy towards the tutorials. The puppet shows will resume when the small puppets are done. Then I can go back to uploading weekly again!