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Year End Review!

It’s the end of the year now! And I am proud to say that this channel has won an award! Top 25 Puppet YouTube Channels! I rank 11th! It’s a huge honour to be listed on the tier!¬† This channel had only 20,000+ subscribers exactly 1 Continue reading

Patamon Complete!!

My first Digimon is now finished! This is a marionette on strings! This particular marionette has flapping wings!! Pull on the string to make his wings flap and look like he’s flying around the room! He turned out adorably and is the first angel to enter my puppet family! He just needs a Continue reading

Projects Wrap Up

My goal is to have all these projects done before Canada Day! -Bon-bon/Bonnette – Sans -Patamon -Gatomon I already have a base marionette tutorial finished, Chocobo tutorial done and as well as Kirby marionette completely done! They will be posted over the next few weeks. During Continue reading

Tattletail update!

Great news! Tattletail is all done with details! I’m painting it tonight! I’m even making the box! And you’ll see the full tutorial on that and Tattletail this weekend! If I have time, I might make a Tattletail egg! Right now Tattletail is #1 priority! Next projects are 2 base Continue reading