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Where your favourite characters turn into real-life puppets (and scare the life out of you, one 3AM challenge at a time)

my name is Tommy & you're in my 

Puppet Lab!

I'm a Canadian art lover from the land of the living skies, Saskatchewan! I am a bird loving magician who is strangely obsessed with weird/creepy things.

Because I’ve always liked being different, I wanted to make something no one has made before.

Functional “monster machines”

Usable puppets with moving heads and arms that can speak. I created 5 well-known characters from an indie based horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” by ScottGames 

My obsession with weird and creepy things made me want that creepy feeling to exist in my own home. 

Now I have a puppet family...


My name is Tommy and you're in my Puppet Lab!

I'm a Canadian art lover from the land of the living skies, Saskatchewan! I am a bird loving puppeteer who is strangely obsessed with weird/creepy things

Because I’ve always liked being different, I wanted to make something no one has made before. 

 Functional "monster machines"

Usable puppets with moving body parts. I first created 5 well-known characters from an indie based horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” by ScottGames. My obsession with my own imagination and my dreams made me want to have them in reality. 

Now I have a puppet family...

to go next?

To The Puppet lab

(Enjoy your stay but don't touch anything that bites...)


Do you want to see my entire collection of puppets and watch as I bring each one to life, meet other puppet lab fans and interact with me? Join our Youtube community today!

  • Over 100 videos featuring the creation of each of my precious puppets!
  • Spooky challenges where my puppets try to take me down
  • Hilarious gameshows with a chance of jumpscares
  • Fun puppet shows and short films!


The most comprehensive course on creating your own puppets from scratch that'll show you how to plan, build, paint and add moving parts to your new creations!

In Puppet Master Academy you'll learn:

  • How to create a completely interactive puppet that you can move around, do ventriloquism with and show around with pride. 
  • How to build different types of puppets including life-sized, human-like puppets, cats, dogs, dragons, birds, and more!
  • Creating different elements to make your puppets even more impressive and interactive, like a light-up booth. Cool, no?
Puppet Master Academy mock up preview


Want to get started with building cool puppets before you're ready to enroll in Puppet Master Academy?

In my Puppet Lab you will learn how to do it!

  • Access step by step video tutorials to learn how to create your own puppets
  • Learn the best practices and safety tips to ensure you don't harm yourself while bringing your puppets to life
  • Develop your crafting skills and make yourself a puppet friend!


I regularly host massive art charity collaborations with the help of my community! You share your creativity and I raise funds for worthy charities and organizations!

  • Anyone can participate in these collabs so long as you follow the rules
  • We don't restrict these to talented artists, anyone who wants to participate and do their best is welcome to join!
  • Participating is 100% free for you. I donate money for each entry received and add extras whenever we reach milestones!

visit my puppet's guild channel

This is NOT a family channel! It is intended for an older youth audience, viewer discretion is advised. There are NO art tutorials or speedbuilds here! See my main channel or Puppet Master Academy!

  • This is NOT a family channel! It is intended for an older youth audience, viewer discretion is advised.
  • Horror videos (not family friendly) with a storyline and a plot.
  • Interactive "choose your own adventure" video series.

Get your learning on!

Enroll in Puppet Master Academy

Puppet Master Academy mock up preview

Puppet Master Academy

Learn how to build your own life-sized puppets from scratch with step by step instructions from an acclaimed puppeteer and build your own puppet empire today!

Are you ready?

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By the end of this program you'll know how to build...

Puppet Bases

The base of your puppet can make or break the entire project so you want to lay the right foundation early on to ensure your puppet won't break down the first time you move it!

Moving parts

Interactive puppets are where the fun's at! You'll learn my best strategies to create moving parts in your puppets so they can move around, talk and be the star of your puppet shows!

Light-Up Booths

Why create a simple puppet when you can take it to the next level? I'll show you how to create a light-up booth for a half-sized puppet that will leave everyone speechless!

all puppet types

Don't want to limit yourself to human-like puppets? I've got you covered! I've included guides on creating cats, dogs, rodents, birds, fish and freaking dragons. OMG.

Puppet shows!



· February 2018 ·

Thanks to all of you, I was able to reach 100,000 subscribers on my Youtube Channel! 

As such, I was rewarded with a Silver Play Button! I couldn't be happier to have such an amazing community that shares my passion for puppets, crafting and is eager to support me as well!

Thank you!


· July 2016 ·

Receiving the Deviousness Award is something I never expected and one of the biggest honours in my journey through art. It felt like I was knighted by one of the most amazing women I had the honour of working with. 

This award is a memoir of the beginning of my journey through art. I started on deviantART and met some fantastic people, including my beloved mentor. Having the privilege to be a volunteer in the Fan Art gallery, I was able to run very successful charity collaborations which I continue to this day. I've learned the best way to achieve greatness is to build your own community. This was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

Tommy deviousness award on deviantart


· July 2019 ·

In June 2017 I was placed #11 in FeedSpot's Top 25 Puppet Youtube Channels awards! This award caught me by surprise! Being a notable puppeteer on YouTube makes me feel like I've come a long ways! I'm feel humble to receive this award!

In July 2019, I was surprised to see my channel had climbed to #5! I'm so happy to have gotten this far, and I will do my best to climb higher!

top 25 puppet youtube channels award - Tommy's Puppet Lab

recognized by Sask Arts board

· April 2023 ·

On April 2023, I received an email telling me that I was nominated for this award! I got to attend a very special celebration in Regina and got my puppets and my work published in the newspaper afterward! I was nominated by a former/retired Art Curator who worked in Art Gallery of Swift Current. This was a huge deal for me to be recognized by the SK Arts Board!

Tommy's Puppet Lab!

I am a non-profit artist on a mission to change the world. I am trying to re-invent the whole gaming world and bring it to reality. I wish to share what I've learned through this amazing journey. I am on a mission to change the world! You can create any kind of reality if you actually put your mind to it!

Contact me:

Any questions regarding my work or privacy related inquiries, please email me at

I am open to freelance work. Please email me if interested!