Tattletail update!

Great news! Tattletail is all done with details! I’m painting it tonight!

I’m even making the box! And you’ll see the full tutorial on that and Tattletail this weekend! If I have time, I might make a Tattletail egg! Right now Tattletail is #1 priority!

Next projects are 2 base puppets. 1 base marionette and 1 base hand puppet!

The base marionette will be converted into Sans the Skeleton (Undertale) and base hand puppet into Bon-bon! They are next priorities!

My 2 Digimon are coming along nicely! Patamon’s wings will flap and Gatomon will have moving paws, head and jaw. Patamon may be given a moving jaw.

Kirby is almost done too! I’m almost finished all my projects queue! Then I can open up commissions!