Chocobo FINALLY completed!

Image has been updated!! Please look at how the bird is standing now, that was the part that needed fixing, plus I spent more time smoothing and fixing various mistakes. Makeover video will be in with the tutorial! 1 hour special!

Tattletail is now getting details on, this tattletail will have moving mouth AND eyes! I will be making the box it came with too and then do a Tattletail unboxing video! Muahaha!

I’ve also started a Digimon. I plan on making 2 Digimon because they are paired as a set. They’re holy angel digimon, and are adorable! I don’t plan on revealing which ones yet. But you have a hint, holy and angels. Should be obvious if you’re a Digimon fan.

It’s so nice to have Chocobo done now!

I will make Bon-bon likely next! Then I will remake the puppet master from FNAF 2 (marionette) with a tutorial for you!