Tommy's Puppet Lab

Meet the Puppets

Here is the place where you can get to know the puppets better! It's a little Wikia page
for all of Tommy's puppets he created with a bio of their own!

Not included on this page are Baldi's Basics puppets.

Freddy Fazbear
Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's by ScottGames
Alignment: Neutral 
Likes: Aquarium fish, music, the dark, souls
Dislikes: Feeling soulless
Bio: Freddy is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. He wears a hat and a
detachable bowtie and a microphone in his right hand. He makes eerie laughing sounds
in the dark and prefers to just be creepy.  Anytime he feels empty or soulless, he will stalk
anyone until they show fear. Even tho Freddy feeds off fear, he has never actually attacked

Bonnie the Bunny
Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's by ScottGames
Alignment: Good
Likes: Food, chocolate cake, nature, botany
Dislikes: Empty containers in the fridge
Bio: Bonnie is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. He holds a paper mache guitar
and wears a detachable red bowtie. Bonnie can be unpredictable, as he has been known to attack
when hungry. He will stalk as well, however he has been able to make friends with Tommy as
long as he's fed.
Quotes: "I'm hungry"

Chica the Chicken
Gender: Female
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's by ScottGames
Alignment: Neutral (Antihero)
Likes: Fire, Fireworks, Zippo lighters, Pizza
Dislikes: Spiders, fingernails on a chalkboard
Bio: Chica is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. She holds a cupcake puppet
that is functional and a bib that says "LET'S EAT". Chica has been known to have a very stern
attitude and sometimes sassy. She has her cupcake hold her zippo lighters and has a very
strong obsession with fire. She also has a Spanish voice box and can speak perfect Spanish.
She has had many lighters confiscated, however she keeps getting more...
Quotes: "I like burning things"

Foxy the Pirate
Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's by ScottGames
Alignment: Good
Likes: Anything Hawaiian, especially pineapples. Astronomy, sailing.
Dislikes: Annoying advertising, sales pitches
Bio: Foxy is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. He has a large hole in his
belly and a smaller hole on the lower belly. He wears a Hawaiian lei.
He has a slight "beer gut" on the bottom even tho most likely it came from the sugar from
the pineapples he hoards. He has a habit of blurting "Pineapple" randomly since 2016.
Even after being reworked, that bug still hasn't been fixed yet. He is a very good fighter
and has a strong pirate attitude. He is mateys with Tommy and very loyal.
He also has a parrot puppet (Rockstar Foxy) that holds a sign "Sorry, Out of Order" who
is also active occasionally. He also seems to be a big fan of "SpongeBob Squarepants".
Quotes: "Pineapple!"

Golden Freddy
Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's by ScottGames
Alignment: Good (Semi Retired)
Likes: Letters, listening, celebration, fireworks
Dislikes: Being in large crowds
Bio: Golden Freddy is the most eldest puppet in Tommy's collection. He is completely
metallic gold with black hat and bowtie. He even holds a microphone. This puppet does not
stand however, but sits like a giant doll. He does not have a neck and head appears to move
by itself when talking. He loves when Tommy reads mail with him and loves celebrating. Even
tho he is semi-retired, he still makes appearances from time to time, especially around the
holiday season in December. He will never be permanently retired as he has a special place on
the show.

The Puppet
Gender: Male (possessed by female spirit)
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 by ScottGames
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Music boxes, game shows, Lefty
Dislikes: Tommy
Bio: The puppet is the largest marionette in Tommy's collection. Almost completely black
and white. There is a music box on the back that used to play "Send in the Clowns".
The music box has been changed to play "Younger than Springtime". The puppet is not active
often, and goes missing when Lefty is around. The puppet has attacked Tommy to the point of
almost severing one of his fingers. Tommy still has the scar the puppet gave him. This was not
shown on video due to graphic nature.

The Mangle
Gender: Female
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 by ScottGames
Alignment: Neutral (befriended by Tommy)
Likes: Attacking, Mangling, Pie
Dislikes: Plushtrap, detached limbs
Bio: Mangle is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. Mangle is mostly metallic
silver all connected with detachable cable ties. She is on the ceiling of the puppet
theatre and acts as a guard. Even tho this puppet is female, Mangle is a gender fluid character,
meaning this puppet does not care which gender terms are used "he, she, they" are acceptable.
Mangle is not the kind of puppet you'd want to pick on as Mangle can stretch herself to a
massive size, even taller than every single puppet in Tommy's collection.
Quotes: "Destroy and terminate"

Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's 4 by ScottGames
Alignment: Evil (Insane)
Likes: Saws, knives and stabbing weapons, Destruction
Dislikes: Being trapped, Mangle
Bio: Plushtrap is the most unpredictable puppet in Tommy's collection. He is a small gold
bunny with metallic green belly. He has a chain connecting his bottom jaw and his head.
Originally armed with a small knife, he now has his own chainsaw given by Flowey the Flower.
He also owns a circular saw which he calls "Brain Saw".
He is known to attack other evil puppets due to his insanity. He also twitches his head and
is the fastest of all the FNAF puppets.
Quotes: "Here's Plushy!"

Gender: Male
Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's 3 by ScottGames
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Isolation
Dislikes: Socializing
Bio: Springtrap is one of the eldest puppets in Tommy's collection. He has a large hole
exposing his ribcage. His guts have bugs on them and he has holes all over him.
There is a rotting head inside his mask. He is also a giant doll, which sits on the floor
rather than standing up. However he is known to stand up on his own when he's aggressive.
If you see this puppet standing up while making eye contact with you, run and never look back.
Quotes: "GO AWAY"

Gender: Male
Origin: Sister Location by ScottGames
Alignment: Good
Likes: Toys, board games
Dislikes: Ghosts, Plushtrap
Bio: Bonbon is the only active Sister Location puppet in Tommy's collection. Bonbon is very
small, blue bunny with a red bowtie and a black button. Bonbon has a rather childish
personality and is most likely a child at heart. He is very friendly and loves shaking hands.
He was painted pink to represent "Bonnet" orginally but then was repainted blue for Bonbon.
Quotes: "Hi, I'm Bonbon!"

Gender: Male
Origin: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator by ScottGames
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Games, Mystery Boxes, Chance, Booby Trapping
Dislikes: Unplanned surprises, technical difficulties, Plushtrap
Bio: Lefty is a dark grey bear with a gold star on his belly. He has 1 left eye and wears
a red hat. Lefty is the only puppet that can be donned by another puppet. Lefty is most well
known for his deadly game shows filled with surprises and jumpscares. He does give out real
prizes and some of them are very expensive (trip to Mexico) and also mixes in traps.
He goes for the "Let's Make a Deal" approach to his game shows. He has a well known laugh
and his teeth sparkle. His full body has never been seen, which makes it more mysterious.
Quotes: "Whoo ho hoo!"

Gender: Unkown
Sister Location by ScottGames
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Memes, Internet slang, Technical problems

Gender: Male
Origin: Tattletail by Waygetter Electronics
Alignment: Good
Likes: Food, Games, Wandering off, Tommy
Dislikes: Mama, the dark
Bio: Tattletail is a very small puppet that can be placed in a box or taken out.
He is a small purple puppet that looks like a Furby. He has glowing eyes and he constantly
gets himself into trouble by wandering off or playing games. This upsets Mama, and then starts
attacking whoever he is playing with. Tattletail thinks Mama ruins his fun by her
overprotective nature. Best thing to do is bring Tattletail back to Mama and she will leave
you alone...maybe.
Quotes: "Tattletail, me love you"

Mama Tattletail
Gender: Female
Origin: Waygetter Electronics
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Her child, stalking
Dislikes: Anyone interacting with her child
Bio: Mama Tattletail is the only puppet that can spin their head a full 360 degrees.
She has jagged ears and sharp teeth as well as a tape deck on her belly. She can read stories,
sing or play music. However if she does that without being asked to, she is probably upset
with you and you should really look for her child and bring him back.
She can teleport in very short time, and also causes the camera to glitch.
Quotes: "Mama will look after you"

Gender: Male
Origin: Undertale by Toby Fox
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Hacking, trolling, murder
Dislikes: Everybody
Bio: Flowey the Flower is one of the smallest puppets in Tommy's collection. He is a
Golden Flower with dark, creepy eyes and sharp teeth. He acts as a computer virus and has
the ability to rewind, delete and completely mess around with videos until he gets the results
he wants. His laugh can be heard in the background occasionally, and shows absolutely no
remorse and completely ruthless.
Quotes: "You're an idiot"

Gender: Male
Origin: Undertale by Toby Fox
Alignment: Good
Likes: Puns, Doing nothing, running  businesses, PAPYRUS
Dislikes: Putting effort, making promises
Bio: Sans puppet came before Flowey and his brother PAPYRUS. Named after the font
"Comic Sans MS", he is exactly what it is. A comic who talks in comic sans, he tries to be
funny and often shows up randomly at inconvenient times. He will show little effort into doing
things and often he is napping while he hopes his business will sell things on autopilot.
He has a brother named PAPYRUS who he thinks is extremely cool. 
Quotes: "Later"

Gender: Male
Origin: Undertale by Toby Fox
Alignment: Good
Likes: Pasta, Popularity, Sunglasses, Coolness
Dislikes: Sans's puns (even tho it makes him smile)
Bio: Papyrus puppet came after Sans puppet was created. He is a skeleton who wears a lot of
red and a red scarf. He is very eccentric and spontaneous although he can be very slow,
sometimes fast and sometimes in between. He loves puzzles and showing up at random times,
sometimes phoning at bad times. He secretly likes his brother's jokes but will never admit it. 
Quotes: "NYEH HEH HEH"

Bendy the Ink Demon
Gender: Male
Origin: Joey Drew Studios
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Puzzles, Escape Rooms, Traps
Dislikes: Cheaters, Alice Angel
Bio: Bendy is one of the first non FNAF puppets to be made. He was made into a marionette
so he can dance. He is black and white demon, who wears a bowtie and sometimes a hat.
He never speaks aloud, only using "Silent Text" used in silent movies. He is the puzzle
master of the escape room series, every escape room has had a reference to Bendy. All of his
escape rooms contain terrifying twists and jumpscares. His very first escape room is the
most popular video of Tommy's Puppet Lab and has been a valuable asset to Tommy's channel.
Even tho he is very mischievous and a devil at heart, he does have some remorse and sense
of reasoning. Bendy and Boris are friends, even tho Bendy will prank him.
Quotes: "I'm the Puppet Master now"

Boris the Wolf
Gender: Male
Origin: Joey Drew Studios
Alignment: Good
Likes: Tools, Gadgets, Music, being helpful, Tommy
Dislikes: Alice Angel
Bio: Boris marionette came much later after Bendy's first escape room. He is a wolf who's
entirely black and white and is the only marionette that has a moving jaw. Just like Bendy,
Boris only talks using "Silent Text" used in silent movies. He is a very calm character who
has a strong interest in helping out where he's needed. He always has a flashlight handy.
Quotes: "Music is life!"

Alice Angel
Gender: Female
Origin: Joey Drew Studios
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Boris the Wolf, Manipulating, Deception
Dislikes: Bendy
Bio: Alice Angel marionette was made much later after Boris the Wolf marionette was made.
Alice is a black and white angel with horns. Her halo glows in the dark as well as her eyes.
Alice is the only puppet that speaks vocally but will also talk in "Silent Text". She does
have a much more frightening form, but that is rarely ever seen. Never trust this angel.
Quotes: "Feel free to scream, whenever you want"

Snowball Fross
Gender: Female
Origin: Octoberland
Alignment: Good
Likes: Tommy, Fabrice, Fashion, Arguing, Spelunking, Hot Air Balloons, Law, Justice, Skiing, Winter
Dislikes: Bum raps, Territorial invasion, Hate
Bio: A beauty queen, and highly charismatic kitty, who has had a long history of being a leader of
a large crime fighting group. She has very strong reasoning powers, and will help anyone who can't
help themselves. She is a practicing lawyer. She loves a good martini and very social.
She is "Frenemies" with Summer and often gets in arguments with him. She loves exploring caves and
her favourite kinds of caves are ice caves. She has a lot of experience dealing with the undead,
especially vampires since her arch nemesis happens to be a head vampire. She possesses ice powers
and can freeze her enemies, tho she much prefer to use words over violence. She only uses her
powers as a last resort. She loves flying hot air balloons and is her favourite form of travel.

Summer Ferno
Gender: Male
Origin: Octoberland
Alignment: Good
Likes: Tommy, Automobiles, Motorbikes, Fighting, Insulting, Law, Justice
Dislikes: Crime, Hate, Puns
He has an obsession with cars and especially motorcycles. Is is very loyal to Tommy and his
friends. He is a bit of a stick in the mud, and can have a rude sense of humour. 
He and Snowball are considered "Frenemies", he loves getting on her nerves tho he does
actually care for her deep down inside. Rough around the edges, but a good boy on the inside.
And he does have a special power, fire. And lots of it, he loves using his abilities,
especially when trying to make a point.

Fabrice the Rat
Gender: Male
Origin: Octoberland (Original character)
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Tommy, lab work, mousetraps, cheese, alchemy, archery, randomness.
Dislikes: Randolph and Willy (not seen), anyone who steals his cheese
Bio: Fabrice is one of the oldest characters of Tommy's. Fabrice was named after
"Fabrice the Rat" from Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. His original appearance was in 3DMM,
however his appearance drastically changed with a voice and a strong personality when
transformed into a puppet. Unlike the 3DMM model, Fabrice is an anthropomorphic rat who
wears clothing. Fabrice is a mutant rat enchanted with mental powers. He has a very high
intelligence as well as sorcery/wizardry. He moves by teleporting, sometimes at
inappropriate times. He has two purple eyes, but they glow red in the dark. His tail glows
purple. He also wears clothing. He spends a lot of time in his lab, extracting rare
ingredients from plants and uses them for potions and spells.  He is a very good shot with
archery and can fire a bow and arrow with only 1 hand and his teeth. He also stole an
ambulance and fixed it up as his "potable laboratory" or "lab on wheels". Fabrice prefers
driving the ambulance with the sirens ON, which stirs up a lot of trouble. Fabrice can also
be very random too. Back in the 3DMM days (Imaginopolis), he has a very strong grudge on the
two people who mutated him (Randolph and Willy). He is also very good at changing his voice,
and loves using famous quotes from people, games, books and movies in the appropriate voice.
Quotes: "Those bullies won't bother me now!"

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Pochama, Exploration, Spirituality, Leading, Knowledge
Dislikes: Obsession, Greed, Water
Bio: Charmander, who is nicknamed "Tommy" is an orange lizard puppet with a flame on his
tail that glows in the dark. He is most recognized by his Kindle Band (Red Banadana). The
Kindle Band helps absorb super effective water attacks, boost his fire powers, and makes his
tail flame non flammable (tail flame will not set anything on fire). Charmander is very pure
of heart and very strong intuition. He is best friends and partnered with Pochama (Piplup).
He is also very experienced with mystery dungeons. Charmander loves camping, a lot!
Charmander and Piplup were originally intro puppets, tho they have been given bigger roles
in the show lately, especially with camping. He has a pair of tessens (war fans) as martial
arts weapons.

Piplup (Pochama)
Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Charmander, Treasures, unexplored dungeons, botany, fish, swimming
Dislikes: Leading, cooking
Bio: Piplup is a blue penguin Pokemon puppets. He wears a very noticeable red bowtie and
holds a blue feather. His real name is Pochama, nicknamed "Po". His blue feather is a symbol
of royalty, as his parents are both highly respected King and Queen. He is a constant trouble
maker and sometimes a little too proud. Piplup is very pure of heart and has proven himself
to be the most valuable partner Tommy could ever ask for. He is very loyal, loves his friends
and does enjoy the occasional battle. He does use a war parasol as a martial arts weapon. He
can also read hieroglyphics with no problems, and how he does it is a mystery as he doesn't
know why either...

Gender: Female
Origin: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Battle, Music, Friends, Acting, Stealth missions, Cooking, Bowties
Dislikes: Clowns, evil
Bio: Mawile, who's real and preferred name is Lily. She is a deceiver Pokemon puppet that
has both a moving jaw and maw! She wears pink bowties, a blue lily and a gold expedition
badge.  Lily is an orphan, who was raised by special agents and spies. She was trained as a
spy while growing up and taught how to look after herself and defend herself. She has worked
closed with Pochama's father, as a spy. She was given an honourable discharge and now works
closely with Charmander and Pochama. She is extremely talented, a gifted actress and
deceiver, and a very good chef. She values her friends very much and considers them her
only family. She is also teamed up with Comfey, a lei Pokemon puppet. Lily is fluent in
8 different languages as she had to travel everywhere for her missions.
Quotes: "Of course I'm full of surprises! I'd be boring if I wasn't!"

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon by Spike/Chunsoft
Alignment: Good
Likes: Coffee, Meditation, Spirituality, Knowledge, Reiki, Martial arts, Theivery, 
Dislikes: Decaf, lack of discipline, whiners, self victimization, negative energy
Bio: Grovyle is a grass lizard/dragon puppet with leaves on his arms, tail, and head. His
real name is "Kacin" tho most call him "master" or "sensei". His closest friends just call
him "Grovyle" (Charmander and Pochama). He has a very strong coffee vice and drinks a LOT
of it, it keeps him awake when he's meditating. Grovyle spends most of his time alone, on
top of Charmander's guild meditating. He values knowledge over money and believes all
knowledge is valuable. He is most valued for his wisdom, and know many things other great
masters don't. He is very spiritual and can heal using Reiki powers and can also see auras.
Grovyle is a very skilled climber and extremely fast. Anyone attempting to chase this
Pokemon is extremely likely to lose, especially when he moves along the trees and reaches
speeds to the point where he can "fly" through the treetops.
He is a ninja, and very good at it. They only two weapons he ever needs are growing on his
arms (leaf blades) and can steal/pickpocket anyone blind. He only uses his thievery
skills for good and never for greed.
He is a time jumper, known as "Guardian of Time". He holds in his possession 5 time gears,
which are used to stabilize time.
Quotes: "Stop feeling sorry for yourself, only jerks do that!"

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Battle, Defense, Guarding, Protecting, Knowledge
Dislikes: Liars
Bio: Charizard is the largest puppet of all of Tommy's collection. He is an evolution
of Charmander at a very high level. He has moving wings as well. He's got a great big heart
and absolutely loves his friends. His real name is "Volkar" tho most just call him Charizard.
He is a protector and he guards knowledge most. He will share some of that knowledge, for
a price. Then that money is used to help his allies buy better equipment and improve the

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue by Game Freak
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Food, Classical music, Opera, Philosophy, Psychology, Solving crimes/cases, Defending, Jokes, Pranks
Dislikes: Rock and Roll, the Dark
Bio: Gengar is the widest and second largest of all of Tommy's puppets and is the only
puppet has has popping eyes. He is completely purple with a menacing smile that glows in
the dark. Gengar may appear to look like the villain type, tho is really is misunderstood
by most. Once you get to know him and earn his trust, he is a very good protector.
He is extremely intelligent and has mastered psychology and uses them on his opponents.
Gengar is in fact one of Tommy's most valuable partners in the spirit world. He will defend
his allies whether it's a battle or an argument. He even studied law and could be a lawyer
if he wanted to. However, he does require a lot of food as he is a huge glutton,
a real practical joker and a troll. If he's not fed enough, he will feed on your dreams
instead. He absolutely despises rock, rap and heavy metal music. He is ironically
also afraid of the dark and must have a nightlight or Charmander/Charizard nearby for
the light emitted by their tail flames. Be careful tho, nightlights cast off shadows
and Gengar will absolutely try to steal your shadow if he does not like or trust you.
Quotes: "What do you get when you cross Luigi and Mario? Lucario!" *ba dum tss*

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Yellow by Game Freak
Alignment: Unknown
Likes: Hide and Seek, Mimikyu, Trickery, Haunted Houses, Creepy stuff, the Dark
Dislikes: Hipsters, Mud
Bio: Pikachu is the iconic mascot of Pokemon. He is a small electric yellow mouse with rosy
red cheeks and a lightning bolt shaped tail. This Pikachu is not like the other cute
Pikachu that acts cute. Pikachu likes rather darker things and finding ways to scare,
with the help of his trusted partner Mimikyu. Pikachu enjoys exploring haunted and
paranormal things. He was adopted by Gengar as his son and likely was influenced by Gengar’s
personality. Except Pikachu is not afraid of the dark and enjoys rock music. 
Quotes: “Pikaboo, look behind you!”

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Sun/Moon by Game Freak
Alignment: Unknown
Likes: Darkness, Abandoned buildings, Ghost towns, Pikachu, Copying
Dislikes: Own identity
Bio: Mimikyu was the second Pokemon puppet to be created, shortly after Gengar was added.
This puppet glows in the dark and has long stretchy arms. Mimikyu works closely
with Pikachu and will mimic a lot of things. This Pokemon acts as a copycat and will
repeat things often, like a parrot. Mimikyu is known to vanish and sometimes will
retreat to abandoned houses and buildings.
Quotes: Whatever you just said, he will say it back

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon by Spike/Chunsoft
Alignment: Good
Likes: Mail, Flowers, Dancing, Bees
Dislikes: Pesticides, Wasps
Bio: Butterfree is one of the most viewed puppets in Tommy's collection as it has been
used for intros and even outros in Tommy's videos. Having fully flapping wings, this puppet
is perfect for delivering letters and messages. His eyes glow red and has psychic powers.
His favourite moves are "Quiver Dance" "Sleep Powder" and "Dream Eater". Even tho Gengar
is the master Dream Eater, Butterfree can also inflict a lot of damage using it as well.
Butterfree is very friendly and Tommy will never, EVER say "Bye Bye Butterfree". Butterfree
says "Bee Free" and makes squeaky noises but cannot talk, therefore uses signs to
Quotes: "Be Free"

Gender: None
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue by Game Freak
Alignment: Programmed to be Good
Likes: None
Dislikes: None
Bio: Porygon is a polygon based Pokemon, representing an old 3D model seen on old computers.
This puppet can move it's head, feet and store things inside the head and body. There is
a hard drive inside that can be plugged into a computer that acts as a functional storage
unit. This character is full of bugs and technical problems as it is a prototype. It is
very unpredictable.

Gender: Male
Origin: Pokemon Sword/Shield by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Tommy and his friends, Pokeballs, Fetch, Playing, Wading in Puddles, Autumn
Dislikes: Heights
Bio: Yamper is an 8th generation Pokemon from the Galar region. This puppy puppet has a
lightning bolt shaped tail and a shield on his rump. He can talk and pant like a real pup.
He is only a puppy and is Charmander and Pochama's pet. He loves chasing things and running
in large open fields, not a fast pup tho he absolutely loves playing in open meadows and
chasing butterflies. He also loves belly rubs, tho be warmed that giving him a belly rub,
might result in a mild shock as he is an electric type. When he runs, he crackles with
electricity. He is a herding dog and still in training.
Quotes: "Welcome to Tommy's Puppy Lab, arf arf!"

Gender: Female
Origin: Pokemon Sun/Moon by Game Freak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Flowers, Mawile, Leaves, Aromatherapy, Healing, Colours
Dislikes: Pesticides, Poisons, Foul odors
Bio: Comfey is the smallest puppet in Tommy's collection and the only puppet that can
be worn. She has magnetic arms and a movable jaw. She is often seen on Mawile's Lily crown.
She is the healer of the party, and grows a lot of plants and flowers. However it is
suspected she works for Fabrice as well, since Fabrice needs someone to grow ingredients
for his spells and potions. She is very friendly and will always be there to help anyone
who is feeling ill. Her medicines and aromas are very effective.

Gender: ???
Origin: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by GameFreak
Alignment: Good
Likes: Playing, Games, Hiding, Mirage, Disguise
Dislikes: Impurities
Bio: Mew is a mythical Pokemon discovered in Pokemon Red/Blue. Not much is known about this
puppet as it is always hiding and under disguise. If any puppet seems to be acting unusual, it
could actually be Mew in disguise. Mew can do anything such as flying, swimming and even fly
through outer space. This Pokemon is well known to transform itself into any living being.
Seeing this Pokemon in it's true form can only be done by those with a pure heart. This
Puppet however, seems to have some kind of connection with a different Pokemon puppet tho
unsure which one.

Gender: Male
Origin: Bandai
Alignment: Good
Likes: Hacking, Evolution, Games, Bubbles, Training
Dislikes: Selfishness, Viruses
Bio: Koromon is an In-Training puppet with long felt ears and a solid paper mache body. He
exploring the unknown as long as he has company with him. The more trusted he is, the
stronger he gets. He will protect his most loyal friend and will evolve to a stronger
form to ensure that victory is won.

Gender: Female
Origin: Digimon (Bandai)
Alignment: Good
Likes: Hacking, Company, Churches, Sanctuaries, Sacred spaces, Temples
Dislikes: Immature, Childish behaviour, Satanism
Bio: Gatomon is not a Pokemon, but a Digimon meaning "Digital Monster". She is a feline
Digimon and is actually an angel. She loves sunbathing and uses the sun to charge her holy
powers. She prays a lot and can communicate with the deceased and spirit guides. She is a
very loyal protector and will always bring a light when surrounded by darkness. She also
has the power to bless things and lift curses.

Gender: Male
Origin: Hal Laboratories
Alignment: Good
Likes: Food, Dancing, Hats, Chocobo, Battle, Dreams, Competition
Dislikes: Nightmares
Bio: Kirby is a oneironaut (dream explorer) and wields a Star Rod that holds tremendous power.
The star rod glows in the dark and Kirby is known for his cheerful dance and poses. Many
times seen in the outros of videos. Kirby is very small but very powerful. He is well known
for wearing hats that posses a lot of power. He is a copycat, not quite like Mimikyu however.
He is almost always seen on or beside Chocobo. Kirby cannot speak very well, limited to
only a couple of words "Hi" and "Poyo". Don't underestimate what Kirby can do, destruction
can come in very small packages.
Quotes: "Poyo!"

Gender: Not known yet
Origin: Secret of Evermore/Final Fantasy by Square
Alignment: Good
Likes: Running, Gyshal Greens, Forests, Being ridden, Kirby, Games, Racing
Dislikes: Overgrowth forests
Bio: Chocobo is a yellow bird of sunshine, and can support many small puppets on it's back.
This bird also has movable wings. Chocobo is a flightless bird, and what it lacks in flight,
is made up for in speed. An extremely fast runner, almost as fast a Grovyle. This bird is
very loyal, and has Kirby as his special companion. Chocobo prefers the forests, although
does enjoy the presence of grasslands. It is very responsive to other birds and can communicate
with other avian species. Can mimic many different bird songs, but not low tone bird calls
such as doves and owls.
Quotes: "Kweh! Wark!"

Pecky Skye
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Likes: Exploring, Treasure, Battle, Archery, Artifacts, Pirates
Bio: Pecky Skye is a Jurrasic bird. She had 2 brothers and 1 sister who were murdered by an unknown assassin.
She had been training and gearing herself for revenge, tho she doesn’t know who the
killer was. She has very strong boundaries when it comes to making friends, but she’s
an excellent ally to have once she’s befriended. She can fly for a long period of time
without exhausting herself, fly extreme heights, specializes in thievery and very
dynamic aerial attacks. She’s original and speaks fluent caveman.
She also can read and analyze cave paintings/writings.
She wield's a bow and arrow as her weapon of choice. She also has
as an artifact weapon, which leaves opponents paralyzed for an
easier shot.

Boggy B
Origin: Worms by Team17
Alignment: Good
Likes: Firearms, Artillery, Melee weapons, Explosives, Ninja Rope, Archery
Dislikes: Water, Swimming
Bio: Boggy B is a warfare worm, with a wacky sense of humour. This puppet is very small and
the head moves when it talks. He also wears an army helmet with 3 silver stars on it,
which represents his Deathmatch rank, Elite. He loves using firearms, although is not allowed
to use any as they are strictly prohibited from ever being on the channel. Not even toy
firearms are allowed. Even tho he will never be able to use a firearm on the show, he does
off camera and is very good at it. He also has an Aqua Sheep (formerly Super Sheep)
a stealthy companion that is able to swim and grab items/reinforcements.

Retired puppets (these puppets will not be used in videos anymore)

Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy,
Bonnet, Nightmare, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Ballora, Ennard,
Circus Baby, Patamon, Cuphead and Mugman