Health Updates. Changes for 2020

Update: December 16, 2019. I will be ending E-mail service due to complications. More information listen under the changes for 2020.

Hello, I wanted to post an update on what’s happening with me personally and as an artist.

December has been ridiculously good in terms of productivity. Wow, I’ve been so busy with reworking/makeovers my puppets lately. Chocobo, Mangle, Puppet, Lolbit, Butterfree and Boggy B all at once!

The plan is to get ahead again so I can keep working on my puppet OC’s and start working on a puppet building course for 2020!

I need to point out and get off my chest, October and November has been quite the challenge! I was at the point where I couldn’t fall asleep until after 3AM! I’m serious, it’s how late this puppet master is working his magic! (Plus it doesn’t help when I stare at a computer screen before bedtime, that keeps you awake!!)  It feels like I won’t meet my deadlines even tho I can, it’s just one of those feelings. It almost feels like that now with these December projects. I tend to get way too ahead of myself a lot of the time! I completely forgot the part about having fun! *the crowd gasps* ?

I’m announcing my new year’s resolutions for the start of the modern 20’s era! (2020)

–No more announcing “promised videos”. This part is ultimately causing too much pressure. I cannot work like this under pressure anymore. I will be posting whatever I see fit without saying anything about it in advance, other than maybe a teaser picture with little to no words on it. It’ll be left to you to try figure out what it means. Like a mystery! Feel free to come up with guesses or theories if you want… who knows, you could be right, or I might use the idea for a different time, hehe! This might actually be more fun, I’ll leave it to your imaginations to try and figure out what the next story will be! ?

-Slow down replies on YouTube and Instagram. This puppeteer is noticing some uneasy energy in the comments lately, eep! If I could reply to comments with telepathy for everyone, I totally would! Alas, I must be more careful of how many replies I give out! If I get too carried away with the replies, then I start to feel very nervous, my heart starts to race, and feels like everything is completely wrong, eep! ? I have to slow down and be a lot more careful! Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I’m not reading them! The comments are amazing and helped nurture my channel and myself as a person! If I give out a heart, it usually means it made me feel good, gave me a laugh or had meaning to me personally. I enjoy giving out hearts as well and will still do so. ❤️

– *new* I will also be ending fan e-mail service due to complications. I will be bringing back the snail mail (mail time) service so you can send me drawings! ? (I absolutely love getting drawings from my fans!) Also please understand, in order to give everyone a chance to be read on mail time, I will only be reading 1 letter/drawing per person on video only! I want to make sure more have the chance to feel special! ? To I need to be fair with everyone ? E-mails are just not working as they are getting mixed up with all my other mails and then they just get lost and left unread! Eep! ? I need to simplify things to make it easier for myself so I can see the wonderful letters and drawings!!

-Make more time for myself and less time for my fans. I know you care about me and want me to take care of my physical and mental health, you’ve expressed your concerns about this recently and you’re right. I need to take better care of myself so that I can keep creating content that makes both of us happy! By allowing me to have more time and space to take better care of myself, you’ll also be allowing me to create higher quality content that isn’t rushed and that we can enjoy more! My plan is to slow down my uploading to 1 video every 10 days instead of 7 (10th, 20th, 30th of every month).

-I need to stop adding new Fan Art! The more the new games that come out, the heavier my brushes are getting! The puppets want to see new faces! Totally new ones, I think it’s time we introduced our current puppet friends to some of friends from my own imagination! (Don’t worry, most of them won’t bite…MOST of them won’t bite. hehe) There will always be new games with new characters to make, and if I had unlimited time in all the whole wide world I would make sure EVERY game had puppets to go with! I love making characters, it feels good to be adding to the wonderful world of diverse characters and I know this would make the channel a lot more fun if we mixed my OCs with the Fan Art puppets we already have! (Fabrice and sans are getting along really well, they’ve been driving me mad with their puns ?) Let’s spice things up a bit shall we?

I am however, still going to take my current fan art puppets and give them makeovers so they look good. This I greatly enjoy and have no intention of stopping these anytime soon! I love taking old, wrinkled things and making them look young and pretty again! (this Puppeteer has youth powers!) Puppet shows/horror videos with my current fan art puppets are definitely not stopping either (good luck ever talking them out of leaving. I tried with Plushtrap and he bit me) We’re gonna use who we have now!

As for making new FNAF puppets, please think of this channel as “Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Puppet Location” (unofficial) and these are the characters that inhabit this location! They’re telling me “Stahp! No more FNAF roommates! We only have 1 bathroom!” There are 16 FNAF characters currently in my collection ?

Thank you for reading this far, and I appreciate your understanding and patience. These changes are much needed for myself so I can stay happy and enjoy my life as a puppet master, filmmaker and storyteller.

~TommyGK (Puppet Master and CEO)

P.S. Bella and Chico, my birds, are doing just fine!