[Archived] Commissions

I am currently accepting commissions. In order for me to serve you properly I will require a few things:

  • Size (how big do you want) Please tell me in meters. (keep in mind that bigger puppets will increase shipping price)
  • References (please send me a complete reference of the character from 3 different angles (front, side and back). Please do NOT ask me to “look it up”. Sending accurate references is your responsibility.
  • Features you want (ie removable eyes, magnetic accessories, moving spindle, secret pull string, etc)

Email this info to commissions@tommyspuppetlab.com and I will send a free quote.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Down payment (50%) must be sent before I can start. This is not refundable! When sending down payment you are signing a contract with me and are agreeing to finish payment installments. Failure to complete payment installations may result in me abandoning/selling the project. No exceptions! Be 100% sure this is what you want before sending down payment. 
  • Works in progress (WIP) will be emailed to you for approval. I will make any adjustments as needed. However if the adjustments become very frequent or overwhelming I reserve the right to charge extra
  • Very detailed characters will have additional charges
  • You are responsible for shipping/handling
  • All completed commissions will be shipped to address given to me. I insure all shipments completely.
  • Prices are in USD

Small puppets: Starting at $250


Medium puppets: Starting at $500


Large puppets: Starting at $800


Jumbo/Fullscale puppets: Starting at $1500


Head mask: Starting at $150+