Sans the Skeleton almost complete!

Whew, long time and no post!

Got everything done except Pikachu and Paper Pals. Those will wait until fall. Later in the year, I might make Boris, Mama Tattletail, and Papyrus. I also plan to bring a Plushtrap marionette to the lab as well this fall/winter. All will have tutorials of course. All Digimon finished, and now I’m finishing up Sans. I have custom made him a hoodie! I’ve never made clothing before, so this is a first for me! 😀 His hoodie looks great! His jaw will move and act as a ventriloquist dummy instead of a marionette.

Sans will have his sense of humour and a few secrets ;D

His tutorial will go up later.

I now have enough footage to make a new trailer! Look out for that next!