Next projects (Undertale confirmed)

I will be showing you how to build a base marionette so you can customize it to however you like it. I will be turning the base into an Undertale character, Sans the Skeleton (most iconic character of the game)! Full tutorial will be posted, this marionette the jaw will be movable and legs movable. Sans have his hands inside his hoodie most of the time anyways, so the hands won’t have strings, but will still be flexible and movable. We’re going to have a bad time! This will be done before the end of June. Won’t take too long to make either since I won’t need to make a ribcage! His head and body have already been started!

Also I’m making Kirby, the little pink gluttonous, adorable little gumball! He too will be a marionette and possibly the easiest puppet to make! I’m already 60% complete.

Another project stuck on my mind is a new trailer, the channel needs a new one badly, but I wish to finish these tutorials first so I have more diversity in my trailer, other than FNAF.

Lastly, Springtrap may be leaving the lab! He will be donated to family members who wish to have my art on display! So it’s not goodbye forever! I will have updated photos and will be be wearing my Puppet Lab shirt to cover his gory ribcage! I think he’ll be nice advertisement! 🙂 He’ll have a new job or my channel!

That’s it for this post, see you next weekend with Tattletail!