Bendy and Tattletail

I will be resuming Bendy puppet right after I finish painting Chocobo! The bird is almost finished with paint, just some to go on the legs and minor touch up work and then he’s done too! Bendy will be coming this May as well as Tattletail. I promise you those two will come!

As for Bon-bon, is on hold for the time being until I can get Bendy and Tattletail finished! I promise Bon-bon will come, don’t worry.

Right now I’m just finishing up the 2 big winter projects (Charizard was one of them, he’s all done now!). Leaving work unfinished can really drain you, you’d be surprised! It’s either finish it or get rid of it! I choose to finish them all! Then I can go back to puppet shows and shoutouts again! I miss the puppet shows! Maybe another video like the Hide-and-Seek?

Back to work!